Reseña. Holocausto Pomada. MRR#331 (USA).

HOLOCAUSTO POMADA – “Brain Cell Genocide” LP
Total fucking hateful skate-core straight from the mean streets of sunny Mallorca, Spain! These seven tracks were recorded over ten years ago (presumably in a pleasantly drunken haze) as a collaboration between two members of the Mallorca punk band BAD TASTE and Portland´s ambassador to the world Kelly H. (who´s been in every band ever). This shit is raw, fast and totally in love with POISON IDEA and Pomada (apparently a local concoction of gin and lemon juice that I need a bottle of, stat!). Lyrics cover poop, drinking and hating tourists, with a special emphasis on hating the fuck out of tourist, as the included cartoon of local punks puking on a tourist family so aptly demonstrates. I´d like to see this band (fat chance) but I´d be just a happy just getting shitfaced with ´em. Too bad this is just a project band, because they´d be huge. “I´m Against It!” is a fucking classic snotty hardcore song. (AU)

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