Reseña. Kalashnikov. MRR#333 (USA).

Within a few seconds of putting this record on I was remembering I FICHISSIMI, an Italian band that I hadn´t though about in roughly forever. Something about KALASHNIKOS´s stightly melodic skate-core/hardcore style just totally reminded me of them. This does sound kind of Italian in the sense that it´s got really aggressive vocals and the band has a willingness to do goofy experiments, like random acoustic breaks, that most others wouldn´t necessarily try. There are political lyrics, but the delivery is so infectious that it´s never heavy-handed. 12 Temas is a cool record and further proof that Spain has got it going on in the punk department. Major recessions may be bad for everyone else, but they sure seem to inspire some good fucking punk (for what it´s worth). (AU)
(Tupa Tupa)

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