Reseña. Break It Down. Gadgie Fanzine (UK).

A nice letter accompanied this listing previous projects as OLDER THAN DIRT, CEREBROS EXPRIMIDOS , BAD TASTE (of Spain!) and the long defunct but wonderful PARADE OF ENEMIES. That last one pricked up my ears as they were an awesome band that came up to Boston many moons ago and thrashed us to death. This Anglo-Hispanic punk band, however, are far removed from dual vocal screaming craziness and plough a far more melodic furrow. Opening track of the three is not as rough and tough as I would have expected but “Corporate Nightmare” ups the ante somewhat and plays out like a melodic SUICIDAL TENDENCIES stomp and closer “Heard It All Before” rounds things off in a tuneful tantrum. Quite a refreshing take on melodic punk and you can download it for free if you go online here: but if you get the CD it’s a well put together job with a stickered disc and proper good sleeve and shit. Far more impressive than a CD-r with felt tip writing on and a slip of paper with the songs scrawled on that some consider worthy of the altar that is the review pile for GADGIE.

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Mallorca Punk dijo...

Creo que esta nueva seccion de reseñas en fancines esta guay, si teneis alguna por ahi y quereis colaborar con el blog, Mandarlas al mail
Up the punx

radio wolftown dijo... una foto de de phogo (Hora de Buscar Lucero) en la MRR pero no hay ninguna reseña.
Por cierto, hay unas cuantas reseñas más de grupos mallorquines en el mismo zine. No las envio porque esta claro que las teneis.


susfollen dijo...

deberias enviarlas radio